Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fits and starts

I'd like to say that I've been writing bits and pieces here and there over the last month and just not posting them because they don't seem worthwhile.

But then I'd be lying.

The cupcakes turned out well. Attempting to rig a pastry decorating bag out of sandwich baggies and a $1 grocery store tip doesn't work all that well. Especially when you're trying to do a triple color frosting.

for whatever reason, I could only ever get two of the colors to come out at the same time, unless you count a slight hint of green that came out on the primarily orange/white ones.

By all accounts, my own included, they were quite tasty, and I think we might make them again next year, if only as an excuse to buy some Guinness.

On to other topics, Emmett's 5 months old this month. He survived another airplane trip to California, had a lovely meltdown during the baptism ceremony, and dipped his toes in the ocean again. We had a lovely day at the beach (It was in the 90s that day, so it was appropriate beach weather), and his parents got to stuff their faces on foods not available in Colorado.

He'll be enduring yet ANOTHER plane trip in June, this time to Newark, for one of my cousin's weddings. A 4 hour plane trip with a 7 month old ought be interesting. I know I'm racking up negative karma points for doing so, but I tried the trick of reserving the window and the aisle and leaving the middle seat empty, in hopes that whoever opts for that seat also opts for a relocation upon seeing the baby.

On to a different slant. Emmett met his first celebrity, and it wasn't even while we were in California! He met Tim Gunn, of Project Runway. He was doing a tour of the Lucky Jeans stores and signing books and taking pictures. He even commented positively on Emmett's attire, which is a bonus, coming from Tim.

I'll try to be better about posting more than monthly, but that might just be wishful thinking.

Peach out.