Thursday, January 13, 2011

Follow ups and one liners and other miscellany

More diapers:

Cotton Babies Flip covers:
Used with an insert or a pre-fold, just a waterproof cover, no pocket, in the same style/closure as the BumGenius products.

For daytime use, I like these. Easy enough to change whatever you're using as the insert and retain the cover itself, unless there's a mess in there. Wipe off the interior surface if you feel it necessary. He tends to fuss very easily once he's wet these, so we'll change these more frequently than a disposable. I can't see using these overnight for this reason, as the pocket liner on the BumGenius works very well for keeping moisture away from his skin.

We've also inherited a whole box of Bumkins all in ones from a friend, and I would rate these the same as the flips, with the exception that you toss the whole thing in the wash instead of replacing your prefold or insert. Also, they are not adjustable in size, so if one was exclusively using these, one would buy as many as you need to survive getting through laundry, and then do it again when your child grows up a size. Not my favorite for that reason.

So, of everything we've tried, I like the BumGenius' for overnight, and Flips for the daytime.

And disposables for travelling. (Or lazy days. Shh.)

One (two?) liners:

New phrase, Firesale Blowout: When everything must go! Into the laundry.

et cetera:

(That reminded me of a pet store with the name Pet Cetera. We couldn't tell if it was a play on Peter Cetera, or et cetera, but it was clever either way.)

 First smile:

Or, first one I caught on camera. Whichever works for me.

I got myself a digital picture frame with a gift card that I got from Office Depot through one of their holiday promotions. This is one of those things that I wouldn't buy for myself, but since I had the gift card, I didn't feel bad about picking one up. It sits on my desk at work and keeps me company with pictures of my family all through the day.

There hasn't been any leftover pizza at work yet this month. Perhaps we will need to remedy that.

Oh, and results from the blood drive tell me that my cholesterol is almost to the 'see a doctor' level. I'm telling you all this so that you can remind me that I don't need onion rings or philly cheesesteaks. At least I'm back to playing hockey, so that should help somewhat.

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  1. Love the 1st smile!! Again, go you guys for using cloth diapers! So impressed. And, I bought myself a digital frame for at work too- but now it just scrolls photos of Colorado so I can torture myself here in PA :)