Thursday, October 14, 2010


Why start a blog?

I won't have a central focus, but I enjoy writing, and I'd like to think that I'm eloquent enough to write something that people might want to read. I'll do my best to add in pictures wherever possible, as I find that makes for a much better content.

What are you going to post about?

My posts will most likely be split into several categories. 1) My son should be showing up pretty much any day soon, as his official due date is November 10th. We're hoping for earlier than that, but will take what we get. We can guarantee he won't be late, as he's getting his eviction notice on said due date. That being said, one category will be kids/parenting, on the wonders of watching my child grow up. I'm going to try to raise my child Free Range style. One of the things I want to impart to my son is independence. Let's see how that goes.

2) Food. My RSS feed has at least 8 food blogs in it, including Eat, Live, Run, on which I comment on less than frequently, but more than never, Smitten Kitchen, Chocolate & Zucchini, Diner's Journal, La Tartine Gourmande, The Amateur Gourmet, and Zesty Cook. I love making a mess in the kitchen, trying new recipes, or just attempting to throw stuff together in manner that results in something both palatable and repeatable.

3) Tech. I'm both a nerd and a geek. I'm an iSmug 4 user, I'm both a PC and Mac. I, however, have not attained nerdvana, as I'm not a Linux user. Engadget, Wired, and Tom's Hardware liberally sprinkle my news feed.

4) General interest: BoingBoing, Treehugger, and the entire suite of Gawker sites round out my feeds, and I'll point out things of interest from them occassionally.

Why Leftover Pizza?

From the corporate environment, whenever someone would send out the email regarding leftovers in the breakroom, and the ensuing rush to see if what's left is worthwhile, which led to a follow-up conversation regarding how "Leftover liver & onions" wouldn't go over as well, niether as a blog title, nor as an email in the corporate world. I also thought it was fitting since I don't have a concentrated focus for this blog. Also, I thought it would be a great band name. Can you imagine it? "Friday night at the Palladium, Leftover Pizza!"

So, here goes!

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  1. Very well written! Looking forward to future posts.