Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I'd been going back and forth about having a baby shower at work, just a few people, with some of the typical 'guess the delivery date' type games and a cake for good measure.

I procrastinate, so It's no surprise that it's 3 weeks from the due date and I hadn't really organized everything.

Thankfully, my wonderful co-workers are more organized than I. Double thankfully, I was lazy today, and didn't go to the gym, as that might have put a monkey wrench in the surprise plans.

With the promise of free food, I was lured away from my desk and to a conference room. Sadly, the promise did not include leftover pizza, as that would have been too perfect.

It did include me being completely surprised for the second time by Laura, a wonderful cake from one of the best bakeries in town, presents, and games! For the due date game, sadly, only one person picked an October date, which is what we're hoping for. Perhaps I should put in a late entry for myself, and pick tomorrow, going with the "Price is Right" $1 strategy.

In any case, Thanks again to everyone!

E.T. is the nickname we've given him, seeing as how his ultrasounds make him look like an alien.

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